The Great Australian Winter

So, in my non-travelling life back in rainy England, on every single rainy/cold/wet/generally grim day, I’d dream about hopping on a plane to Australia (first class, in my fantasy, obviously), and landing in a sub-tropical, sumshine-y paradise, like something from a postcard. And if you leave England in January? Perfect. But if your fantasy involves leaving on a depressingly rainy day in July? Yeah, dream on. 

I kinda assumed that ‘Stralya’ would just be constantly sunny, like England in summer, as everyone said. But I’ll say this; whoever said that is a liar. I pictured myself wandering around in light summer dresses and flip flops, with maybe a light cardigan thrown over the top. The reality? I wear my coat constantly, and my poor flip flops are actually dusty. 

Sunny England…

And 100% rain in Oz…

Now back in Britain, we are amazing at dealing with winter. Like seriously, we’ve got this down. We crack on the central heating, order our festive themed ‘winter’ lattes from Starbucks, wrap up in about twenty layers and keep our fingers crossed for the prospect of snow. Now, our Aussie friends may be great at dealing with 45 degree summers, but when it comes to winter, they haven’t got the foggiest. Central heating isn’t a thing here, what our friends do down under is crack out retro radiators from the 80s and try to put on a extra sweater or rug (weird oz word for blanket) to avoid the sky high running costs. Maybe not all that different to my dad back home then… 

And then there’s the rain. Now over here, it’s actually vaguely exciting for the kids when it rains, mainly because the poor deprived children will never get to experience snow. But whilst British Peppa Pig and her posse (probably a word never before used to describe Peppa Pig…) love to jump in muddy puddles, our Aussie counterparts aren’t so down with it. Basically, if it rains, leaving the house for anything that isn’t life or death isn’t the done thing. But unlike our pathetic British spit of rain, here when it rains, it really does rain. I’m talking flooding, power cuts, soaked children, the whole malarkey. 


Despite being down under, it’s pretty hard not to have #lifeenvy for life back in England where it’s sunny(ish) and warm(ish). When your entire Facebook feed is posting festival pictures, beach selfies or (let’s face it), sunny Pokemon go pictures, and you’re sat shivering in your uggs in the 16 degree cold (trust, it’s freezing), it’s hard not to feel pretty cheated by this whole ‘living the dream in Australia’ thing. But what keeps me going? This picture. Of me, in shorts, in Melbourne (the coldest state in Australia) in AUTUMN. And the memory of how crazily burnt I got that day…

Still got the burn lines now…

Like anything in life, it’s about sticking through the crappy grey rainy days for the promised sunshine ahead, which according to Professor Google, is in 46 days. And then there’s the weird festive feel in the air right now… We’re talking Christmas lights, ice rinks, trees and fake snow. Australia, if there’s one thing you’re getting very, very right about your winters, it’s pretending it’s Christmas. Because… why not? 🎅🏻


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