6 Months Away From Adulting And What It’s Taught Me 

I left England and my supposed grown up life six months ago now; meaning that all those adult things (bills, a career, future hubby/kids/white picket fence etc) were sorta out on hold whilst I frolicked around Australia loving life and avoiding all life responsibilities/choices. In those six months that I’ve been gone, it’s all got pretty weird back on my home ground; when I left home Instagram was full of lattes, scarves and snow, David Cameron had his feet under the table in number 10, we were still in the EU, and if you admitted to being outside looking for Pokemon, people might think you were a bit strange. In the same way as England has had a few life changes since I’ve been gone, I suppose it’s fair to say that being a day away from everything and everyone I know has changed me somewhat. Not being trapped in the 9-5 of a job and the meh-ness of day to day life teaches you all about yourself and who you wanna be more than any cringy mindfulness class could. So here’s five things I’ve learnt over the last 6 months (and 9 days, if you wanna get precise…)

#TB to Gatwick Airport

1. One way or another, you got this. 

Even living the dream travelling the other side of the world, there are situations that are not ideal (to say the least..). But once you’ve had a crazy Thai doctor cut open your toe, convinced a two year old to take eye drops and survived a loong flight alone, you know that somehow you’ll get through whatever stuff happens to you. 

2. People are generally nice, have faith in them! 

Possibly due to the whole depression malarkey, or maybe just because I’m a grumpy cow, I kind of assume that, other than my friends and family, everyone will instantly dislike me, and that strangers are scary and people to avoid. But being away from all my ‘safe’ people has taught  me that, for the most part, people don’t instantly decide that they hate me for no good reason, that on the whole people are pretty damn nice. Except Hitler. 

3. Nothing is ever really that bad, for that long. 

Sometimes my life is more like an apocalypse than a rom-com, and it’s all a bit crappy and I find myself drowning in a pool of self pity, and wondering ‘why me?’. 8 months ago I’d just been demoted and then dumped and I was just over it, it being this whole life thing. But fast forward 8 months and I’m in Australia, feeling pretty happy and not caught up in my self pity spider web anymore. So when things feel crap, dive head first into a pot of Ben and Jerry’s and know it’ll all get better. 

4. Do what you love.

It probably seems pretty obvious, but I’ve really learnt the importance of doing the things that I love whilst being away from the norm. I spent a good two years between 19 and 21 getting hammered every Saturday and dying ever Sunday, and whilst it provided me with some of the best anecdotes ever, it’s not what made me happy, I don’t think. Travelling simplifies everything somewhat; it’s like ‘this twenty dollars can go on a couple of glasses of wine or it can go towards diving with a whale shark’. And for me, there’s not really a competition. (And yes, I’ll admit that sometimes ‘diving with a whale shark’ can be replaced with ‘buying some chocolate and binge reading a good book’. But that’s just me…’)

Experiences > Wine

5. Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta ride it…

Whenever I watch a horror film, I google the ending, and I’ve spent many nights awake reading because I just had to know what was gonna happen. But having spent six months in Oz, I’ve learnt that you’ve just gotta go with it and see what happens really. A year ago, I’d just graduated; six months ago I was a checkout chicka, and now I’m a nanny in Australia. Life is a crazy one and who knows where I’ll be this time next year; running the marathon, walking on the moon, a mother of four?! The key is to learn to love the ride, close your eyes and chill, rather than straining your neck looking for every little twist and turn. 

… But most of all; stay true to you! 

I might be blonde, living in Australia and pronouncing ‘pasta’ with a slight Aussie twang, but I’ll never like mushrooms or early mornings. And that’s just me ❤️

Just being me, down under…


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